Prevention of Global Warming

Prevention of global warming can be done by doing some simple things like changing lights bulbs, cooking meals and others. If you do not care for prevention of global warming then you will soon see it affecting your life. You must be aware of what are causing global warming and how it is effecting our daily lives. Prevention of global warming should be taken up seriously as it will adversely affect people around the world. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which prevention of global warming can be done.

There are several activities through which we are involved in causing global warming. Mainly human activities are involved in this harmful phenomenon. The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is directly related to the increase in the atmospheric concentration of this greenhouse gas. The other major cause of it is the use of fossil fuels in the combustion of cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles. The use of hydrocarbon fuel for heating and electricity has also increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Through the prevention of global warming, we can reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Experts have projected that in the next 50 years there will be an average temperature increase of only 2 degrees. This will cause sea level rise and extreme weather conditions all around the world. This will severely impact human life on earth. So prevention of global warming must be taken up with all the possible ways.

One of the best methods to prevent global warming is the substitution of the use of renewable energy sources. These are the sun, wind and geothermal energy sources which are considered to be the cleanest form of energy. Another method through which we can reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the construction of greenhouses. These houses are designed in such a way so as to trap the heat from the sun and transfer it to another place like a geothermal house. These greenhouses are being used more by people around the world as the prevention of global warming can be achieved through this method.

There are a number of environmental practices through which we can contribute to the prevention of global warming. One of them is a change in the use of fossil fuels. We should start using renewable forms of energy like the sun, wind and geothermal energy. We should make a big change in our agricultural practices. Farmers should not use pesticides and fertilizers. Also, they should not increase the use of fossil fuels for cultivation and for heating as this will greatly increase the concentration of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

It is also recommended that the reduction of business activities should be made. Business activities include cutting down of employees, switching over to renewable energy sources, planting of trees and switching to environmentally friendly vehicles. There should also be an effective use of communication and marketing techniques that will minimize the use of fossil fuels. It is recommended that there should be a major change in the tax system so that there would be a greater incentive towards energy conservation and hence contribute to global warming.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be possible if there is a change in the attitudes of people and in their decision-making. There should be awareness among individuals about the effects of greenhouse gas on climate change and its effects on the environment. There should be conscious of the importance of recycling and reusing the products that we have. At the same time, there should be improved use of technology that can reduce the production of greenhouse gases. All these efforts will contribute towards the reduction of global GHG emissions.

The Japanese Government has made some interesting moves to implement the prevention of global warming. On the one hand, the Ministry of the Environment has proposed national legislation regarding the reduction of carbon dioxide emission and it also adopted a policy for the development of energy-efficient cars. Japan is a leading country in terms of the use of renewable sources of energy and its reduction from non-renewable resources. There are various green business centres in Japan and they have been encouraged to develop new business strategies to decrease the emissions. In other words, it is believed that there should be a major effort to minimize the total number of carbon dioxide emissions.


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